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3 reasons why you should be using Gutenberg in 2020

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  1. Edting HTML is easy
  2. Structured data can be added in a few clicks
  3. Easily reorder sections in your articles


00:06 Hi guys, Niall Conway here from FounderCopilot, the place where I help people build, launch, optimize and monetize their online business with WordPress SEO affiliate marketing Adsense and a whole lot more.

00:17 In this quick video I’m gonna talk about WordPress’s new block editor called Guttenberg.

00:19 I’m going to highlight some of the features that I love about Guttenberg, especially the things that help me to work faster when creating articles for my website.

00:29 I’m then going to highlight some of the positive and the negative reviews that have been discussed online since Gutenberg launched about a year ago.

00:34 This video will be especially useful for people who are using the classic editor and are thinking about upgrading to Guttenberg but are still unsure.

A brief background on Gutenburg

00:43 However, before I jump straight into the reasons why I think it’s a good idea to upgrade to Guttenberg and take advantage of its tools,

00:51 I just want to give a brief background on Guttenberg itself and some of the reasons why WordPress have gone in this direction.

00:58 So one of the main reasons WordPress has chosen that develop the new block editor Guttenberg, is to compete with the likes of Squarespace and Wix.com

01:11 who already have really great and intuitive drag-and-drop page builder tools, that appeal to the non-technical user.

01:19 So this is the direction that WordPress has chosen to go down and I think it’s a good move by WordPress.

01:27 I feel it opens up the market for them and it allows them to grow and compete in a competitive space.

01:35 Having said that WordPress is still the dominant player in the market.

01:40 This is just some stats here on Guttenberg usage, I came across this website when researching this video.

WordPress is still the dominant player in the CMS market

01:48 You can see so you can see here, already Gutenberg has been around for about a year, it’s got nearly 30 million active installations.

01:55 These stats sourced from WordPress.com sites, that are running Jetpack.

Screenshot of Gutenburg usage statistics. Source gutenstats.blog
Screenshot of gutenburg.blog

01:59 Now having said that, you the reviews on Guttenberg are not strong and there’s been a lot of mixed reports and talk about this, especially on the support channel here.

02:12 Two stars is a low rating for any plugin, it’s just surprising that this is the case for a core plug-in from WordPress

02:25 Now having said that there are some good reviews there, but generally, the uptake has been high but there’s been a lot of pushback.

02:33 So having said all that I don’t think Gutenberg is going anywhere anytime soon.

Therfore, if you’re a content marketer, a startup founder or blogger who just wants to create great content for your website, Gutenberg will give you everything you need.

02:47 So without further delay why don’t I just show you some of the great things about Gutenberg that makes writing fun and efficient.

1. Editing HTML is easy with Gutenburg

02:54 So one of the first things I was eager to know about Gutenberg was how did it handle HTML.

03:01 In other words, if I wanted to edit the content on a page and simply edit the HTML of that page, how did that actually work.

03:08 If you remember the old “classic” editor, you would have to go from visual to code view and you have to actually scan through the entire HTML page without any syntax highlighting.

03:24 In Gutenberg, you can simply hover over an element, and you’ll always have the option to edit the element as HTML.

03:33 So for example when I select this image I can simply edit that block of HTML for the image.

Now it doesn’t have the syntax highlighting I’d actually like that, and I’m not sure if there’s a plugin out there that actually gives that.

03:45 However, I think it’s very good in the way that you’re able to hover over an element and simply see the HTML of that element.

03:56 So it gets around the issue of looking through all of the HTML code of the actual web page.

04:03 You can also simply to go back and see the visual view again you can go back and forth.

I think this is a really cool feature with Gutenberg, as it gives quick access to the HTML of the elements very quickly.

2. Structured data can be added in a few clicks

04:15 Now if you have Yoast installed, Yoast and WordPress and the Gutenberg team have collaborated.

If you have Yoast installed you’ll be able to add data snippets or structured data to your articles.

Another name for these is structured data blocks. This has great benefits for SEO.

A gif animation showing how to add structured data snippet in WordPress
Adding a structured data block in Gutenburg

04:36 So let’s say I wanted to add a structured data block, I type in the word “how to…”, now you can see Yoast has its own section here.

04:47 Again, you’ll need to have the Yoast plug-in installed for this. However, once the Yoast plug-in is installed, you will be able to add structured data blocks to your article.

05:01 Now there’s only one structured data block showing here today.

05:14 However, either way as Gutenberg gets more mature, I see a lot more structured data blocks being added to this section, for example, reviews, faqs and a lot more.

05:27 Lots of other things could be added here, so I think it’s a really cool collaboration between Yost and Gutenberg.

05:34 So, for now, I’m just gonna add in the how-to structured data block, just to give you an idea what that looks like.

05:39 It’s as easy as just pressing the how-to button on the actual block editor and you can see how easy it is to simply enter a description and add in your title.

05:55 This is a how-to data block that follows the game structured data schema that Google recommends.

05:58 You can add more steps like this, and it just makes it really easy to add structured data to your article.

06:07 The processes before this is very complicated and it’s simplified it for non-technical users. I think it’s a great feature and I think there’s a lot more to come.

2. Easily reorder sections in your articles

06:19 So the next piece I want to show you, is how easy it is to reorder content like paragraphs or steps within an article.

06:29 So let me show you what I mean. So you are probably already aware of the up-down arrows for moving a paragraph up or down, which is fairly straightforward.

06:42 But let’s say I wanted to move this entire step, so this is step four, so I’m gonna come down and I’m gonna scan all or highlight all of step four in this article

06:54 and let’s say I want to move this step all the way up beneath step two, you can see I’m pressing the up arrow and the whole section is actually moving up up the article which is really cool

7:10 so I’m gonna just keep pressing up I want to get it just underneath step two, just so I can show you, step three is there so underneath step two so let’s just pop it here now

07:20 but you get the idea so now I can scroll back up to step 2 you can see step 4 is now here I could rename this to step 3.

07:32 but you can see how easy that was to reorder an entire section of the article by simply highlighting the actual step, or section and using the up and down arrows

07:44 For me, that’s a really cool tool I think it’s it saves a lot of time especially if you’re creating large articles with five to six steps

07:56 Before that, in the classic editor you have to go into the code view or copy and paste, it was a bit messier

08:04 This way, it is really cool it makes it really efficient to create and modify an article on the fly


Okay guys thanks so much for watching, I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and if you like what you see please subscribe and you’ll never miss an update, also check out my website FounderCopilot.com.

Have a great day I’ll talk again soon.

Niall Conway

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